Description: Item #14067 - Current Year Hand Stamp
Impression Size (Metric) ___ (USA Imperial):

As an additional guide to help you determine which size stamp to order the artwork used to make these stamps has been overlaid on the various world coins shown in relation to their actual size.

***Please make sure to select the impression size that you would like from the drop down menu below before you 'Add to Cart'. The prices vary.

Size A (Large) $190.00: 4.5mm Tall x 14.8mm Wide ___ 3/16 Tall x 19/32 Wide.

Size B (Medium) $160.00: 3mm Tall x 10mm Wide ___ 1/8 Tall x 3/8 Wide.

Size C (Small) Version 1 $105.00: 2.4mm Tall x 6.4mm Wide ___ 3/32 Tall x 1/4 Wide.

Size D (Small) Version 2 $105.00: 1.5mm Tall x 5mm Wide ___ 1/16 Tall x 3/16 Wide.

Size E (Micro) $160.00: 0.75mm Tall x 2.4mm Wide ___ 1/32 Tall x 3/32 Wide.

Material: A2 Tool Steel Hardened to 58-60 Rockwell with Crowned Hammer Striking End.
Overall  Hand Stamp Dimensions: The body of the stamp varies as to accommodate chosen impression size.

Select Stamp/Impression Size

Additional Information:

Although the images display 2016 you will receive a stamp with the current year.

Used for hand held hammer-struck applications. Permanently mark any type of metal, unhardened steel, leather, plastic or wood. Common uses are for marking goods with the year of manufacture, Jewelry, Precious Metals, Pottery, etc...

The background (flat areas) on the face of the stamp are trimmed off as to not interfere when marking your parts.

Please know that we can also produce any custom text, design, or logo stamp. You can email us at for a cost estimate. Make sure to include the EXACT height and width measurements for the desired impression size. NOT the size of your work-piece. If there is a custom graphic send us an image or a vector file (.ai, .eps, .svg or similar). Vector files are more cost effective.



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